Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (formerly pedodontics in American English) is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence. Pediatric dentists promote the dental health of children as well as serve as educational resources for parents.  It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that a dental visit should occur within six months after the presence of the first tooth or by a child’s first birthday.  The AAPD has said that it is important to establish a comprehensive and accessible ongoing relationship between the dentist and patient – referring to this as the patient’s “dental home”.  This is because early oral examination aids in the detection of the early stages of tooth decay.  Early detection is essential to maintain oral health, modify aberrant habits, and treat as needed and as simply as possible.  Additionally, parents are given a program of preventative home care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance (though not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite.  It primarily focuses on improvement dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Modern materials and procedures can greatly enhance the natural beauty of a smile.

Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation

IV sedation is the technique of providing medications for sedation allowing a patient to tolerate unpleasant procedures while maintaining stable cardio-respiratory function. IV sedation provides a path for emergency treatment options and is customized for each patient. IV sedation is versatile and can be used for anxiety control or complicated surgical procedures.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses any number of procedures from a simple extraction to removal of pathological tissue from the jaw bones. Dr. Pence has a “soft touch” during wisdom tooth extractions which is often a patient’s first surgical experience. The team provides cancer screening and biopsies of questionable structures in the jaws.


Endodontics (from the Greek roots endo- “inside” and odont- “tooth”) is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. Endodontists perform a variety of procedures including endodontic therapy (commonly known as “root canal therapy”), endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth, and treating dental trauma. Root canal therapy is one of the most common procedures. If the dental pulp (containing nerves, arterioles, venules, lymphatic tissue, and fibrous tissue) becomes diseased or injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth. The team at Pence Dental can usually treat any tooth in a single visit quickly eliminating pain and infection.


Periodontology or periodontics (from Greek περί peri “around”; and ὀδούς odous “tooth”, genitive ὀδόντος odontos) is the specialty of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them. The supporting tissues are known as the periodontium, which includes the gingiva (gums), alveolar bone, cementum, and the periodontal ligament. A professional who practices this specialty field of dentistry is known as a periodontist. Periodontology is an emerging specialty in the field of dentistry which deals with the diseases of the tooth supporting structures. Pence Dental provides non-surgical periodontal therapies supported by antibiotics, fluorides, and desensitizing agents.


Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry, is the area of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses. The ADA defines it as “the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.” Pence Dental is experienced in treating simple fillings and whole mouths while also considering joint health through Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) stabilization.


A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant or fixture) is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. Dr. Pence has placed a variety of generations of implants but primarily places Strauman-ITI implants for high quality, stable results.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) (or apnoea) is the most common type of sleep apnea and is caused by complete or partial obstructions of the upper airway. It is characterized by repetitive episodes of shallow or paused breathing during sleep, despite the effort to breathe, and is usually associated with a reduction in blood oxygen saturation. Individual with OSA are rarely aware of difficulty breathing, even upon awakening. It is often recognized as a problem by others who see the individual during episodes or is suspected because of its effects on the body. OSA is commonly accompanied by snoring. Pence Dental provides oral appliance therapy that helps to open an individuals airway. Many patients cannot tolerate the typical C-PAP (Breathing Machine) approach and oral appliance therapy is often the best option.

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